holyloly™ has officially reached 10,000 posts

scorpion's there for you bro

this is giving me a severe panic attack


couldn't they remove that lil bullet?

how to be an asshole, episode 1

there certainly are a lot of penises on this website

pretty cool shape tween

can i get a none of the above option?

the opposite of holyloly™

i guarantee this guy is the biggest bore at a party

but not today



the title says it all

the best kind

yah i hate that too

poor poonanji

ha ha ha

haters hating so hatefully

van dayum

non-regulation undergarments

goddamit, mom

too bad santa isn't real

i want to HuG now

le rude



get all up in that tanooki



two natural reflexes

shit, that backpack is pretty sweet

get a load of this lil tuna nugget


it's almost xmas, lemme hear you say way ho

e-cigs aren't that great

leo already looks blazed

flick away those tears

the cutest german word

you should see my EXCELLENT folder

how i often view holyloly™

yah, thanks for NOTHING

never saw a wutang/sushi joke before

funny, but not lol funny

can't stop smoochin' turtl3z

they seem pretty confident

failure in parenting

i can hear it