get a load of this snuff film

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i like to call this trick: Boneless™

solly, wong numbah

tilt your head to the left a little

he's so proud of himself

holyloly™ aint all that


can't believe how good holyloly™ has been lately

nothing like a hot ball shower in the mornin

closely inconsolable

sharply inconsolable

softly inconsolable

a mortal kombat/chicken nugget joke? made for holyloly™

ok, last one

funky as fuck

extremely sensual

have you ever panicked so hard that you started sweating?

visual vomit

i could watch this all day

no joke here, just a cool-lookin' frogNugget™

wut shavid thinks about when he meditates

uh okay

Give this guy access to one, or even two vaginas...and there's no telling what he'd do

Happens once a month, every month.

tp tp tp tptptp AAAAAAAAAAHH

hung like a jolieLeg™

my usual response

What An Awesome Asshole

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she wanted it

i kinda feel like this right now, but it's ok


a typical leap day morning at the philippe navidad dojo