fuck yeah monday

a poor understanding of multitasking

a defining 90s moment

Gimme Some'n Good to Eat

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can't stop flickin' jelli3z

women give the laziest middle fingers

don't look at my manbreasts™

inconsolable no more

ooh baby


a crying shame

cmon just a bite


So Refreshing

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holyloly™ is halfway decent today

welcome to earf

streamin and steamin

everythings turning up davecon

you will not be disappointed by the cornucopia of savory morsels which will stream from the DaveCon stoves and ovens.

Roundball Roff

should prolly get your name changed

someone made this for a reason

fresh grind

oh HAI

ehh, put it in the pizza

get this child to a witch doctor


now that's more like it

i DON'T like turtles

guys, don't show holyloly™ to your children

oh that's where i put it

really likin' that logo up there


halloween taken seriously

fuck you, mom

oh cool, they're shooting new episodes of the wire

not sure



just simply cannot reach that hostess cake

it's yo burfday

git along little dogie

yo dawg i herd you like drive


wrote a song 'bout it, like ta here it, well here it goes


knock it off

me too yo

Icy Hot Stuntaz Had Kidz

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Brace Yerselves, It's Monday

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I Dont Think You're Ready For This Jelly

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losin it

the series finale has been leaked

spinni vanilli

can't wait til halloween is over

cmon, don't do that