ultimately wylin' the fuck out

wylin' the fuck out

Inconsolable XVI

Inconsolable XV

some people just feel too much too deeply

360º of derp


oh stop whining dude


you should see them floss

RDHLMAO: rolling down a hill laffing my ass off

a juvenile jerbear practices his gift

married with children, homer simpson and teenage mutant ninja turtles together at last

pretty accurate

several moments later, the 3 of them were savagely and unremorsefully beaten to death

reasonably panicky


they are way better live

haha what

run like the effin' wind

Cool Bandana

Worst day of his life.

extreme meowlitosis

4eva Grndm4z

mustn't stop likin' con3z

do I look like I give a fuck?


get a load of this relaxed little albino

feminism is dead

creationism is a lie