mullet + blazer + rolled up sleeves = coke

private eyes

a gorilla beating the shit out of a bull with his bare hands

Press Your Luck Medal Round

eye level panties

out of business

hot n' smelly


loose meat

laundry sucks

i'd buy that for a dollar

swedes always go full fart

zack will NOT pay for the abortion

i like the peruvian aka the marv albert

i don't really find this hot & sexy, but whatever


better than the samurai segway simulator

new lows

the 90s fucking sucked


when worlds collide

jessie spano has no class

the birth of michelangelo

there was no 5 second rule in video games

shut your cry hole and take some more pills

woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo

gordon shumway is unremorseful


cmon marty, you know that shit don't work on water

lookin like pigs can fly

extra spicy

voltron gets lost at the mall

I wonder when they are going to give this dog a tribal tattoo